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How did you get this job? Is it hard or do you just stare at a computer all day? What about when reddit is down, is there a special team to fix it or do you all have to do some kind of coding-fu to fix it?

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Thank you very much for responding, wow! I'm actually on my 2nd year and it's all just math for now. It's difficult but I get by.

My ideal job would be at the desk. I'm an industrial engineering student actually so I've read that there are many desk-job related work. Do you know anyone who's an industrial engineer? Is their job the same as yours?

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Hello. I'm currently an engineering student. Thank you for doing this AMA. My questions are;

  • Any tips for a student like me? Like how to learn more/ understand more?
  • How did you land your job?
  • Is the pay good?
  • Is working as an engineering really require all the physical stuff?
  • How are your working hours?

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Okay, thanks for the advice!