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*blank faces*

Georgi - I had some pretty good nights in clubs while the Scissor Sisters were coming up. But the Paper Girls win. I think Riley would like the Scissor Sisters.

*Someone played scissor sisters in the background*

Fina (K.J.): Yeah, they're rocking.

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Riley (Erin) - The uniqueness of the story. Paper Girls is a genre in itself. We all became huge fans.
Camryn (Tiffany) - I thought it was fire. I really liked the message it represented and I liked how determined and real the characters were.
Fina (K.J.) - I was immediately drawn to the colour palette and the relatability of the characters and it told the story of 4 young girls taking agency over their own lives.
Georgi - It's the comic I wish I had when I was 8. It's girls how I wanted to see them.

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Camryn (Tiffany) - It was really fun because we got to research the music, the fashion, and even the influencers of the time and reference the comic books which were written by people who were alive at the time!

Georgi: "You didn't say all we had to do was speak to the director".

Fina (K.J.): All you need is Georgi. #YouCanBankOnBanks

Riley (Erin): Keep calm and Georgi on.

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Riley (Erin) - I think Erin would listen to Mitski and Phoebe Bridgers. I think all the 4 girls would really like Marina and the Diamonds.
Camryn (Tiffany) - Sza, Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko.
Fina (K.J.) - Also Phoebe Bridgers. And Doja Cat!

Georgi - All of them a bit. I've been through crises that they're all been through. Tiffany is a nerd and I was a total nerd. I had the same identity crisis as K.J. discovering my sexuality. Mac is a tomboy and I love her energy. And for Erin: I moved about a lot when I was a kid. I can't choose just one!

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Riley (Erin) - Right now him and Cliff are like the men behind the curtain, so we can't wait to meet them at Comic-Con next week.
Camryn (Tiffany) - We met him at the first table read. We can't wait to see him in San Diego for Comic-Con!
Fina (K.J.) - We met him over Zoom, but we are going to meet him next week when we go to Comic-Con and we're going to chat it up.
Georgi - I win because I actually met him on set. He's the coolest guy ever.