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Are there any data on the co-occurrence of poor mental health and gender dysphoria? Similarly, do these data allow us to tease out causal inferences and the success rates of gender transitions for mental health outcomes?

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Thanks for your response, its obvious that we need to treat transgender people with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves, and a horrible shame they often don’t receive that.

My question was trying to find out if we now know more about the causes of gender dysphoria, the success of transitions in relation to mental health, and the impact of mental health treatment on the prevalence of gender dysphoria. If you have any more specific information on this, I’d very much appreciate your efforts to present it.

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So gender dysphoria is never caused by severe trauma or other life experiences?

I have in mind cases like Chelsea Manning, it appears (from the outside) that her dysphoria and transition occurred due to the trauma of her prosecution and treatment by the US government.

Edit: a bolt on question; if it is not a medical condition, caused or treatable. Is it more a question of self-acceptance? Of course others’ acceptance is also very important, but it seems self-acceptance can occur without a gender transition.

Edit 2: thanks all for correcting my ignorance in the Manning case. My questions were sincere with no malicious intent.

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I see. To clarify, a post-transition person would still be considered to have gender dysphoria?

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I applaud you and others for this position.

What other realities do you think religious people will have to face? And how do these realities change religion over time?