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Hi! My question is how are you doing and were there any lingering complications from the surgery?

My step father passed away in 2009 from brain damage complications caused by the surgeons waiting too long to put his new heart in during his transplant in 2002. I was ten years old when the surgery occured and he had been married to my mother for 2 years, and had previously been a wonderful, loving man who was incredibly kind to us, and the damage caused his personality to shift drastically, often being violent with me, all the way up to his last two months living where he did his absolute damndest to make amends. Heart disease is such a serious issue, emotionally, physically, and mentally, so if you feel like you are more winded by menial tasks or you experience any symptoms lasting longer than a day or two, please make yourself go see a doctor.

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Have you receive any kind of life-threatening, either directly or implied, communication from people you work against in positions of authority? Not necessarily just bodily harm but threats against your livelihood?

And thank you for doing what you do!