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I don't know if you're ever going to read this late submission, Pastor, but I've enjoyed this thread the last two years and wanted to finally ask a question.

Lifelong-atheist-turned-genuine-believer here after a divine experience, but still not yet a fan of specific church denominations or even the bible. Instead of going to church, I would RATHER just help my community or people in need each week.

What are the most important things I'm missing out on by skipping group worships and sermons, and what would you suggest I add to my life to help supplement that?

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If you read Jamie's latest book, it's starting to become obvious how far he's fallen as a chef.

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Hey, guys! This is incredible work, and I've always been a big supporter that D&D can be wonderfully therapeutic.

But as a GM, I like to create high-risk games where death, or loss, or sadness can be possible. Is there an easy way to balance this with the safe space mentality, or are the games you run extremely lighthearted?

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I just picked up Hamlet's Hit Points, and I appreciate the recommendation and reply both!

Making player's suggestions and plans free from criticism from other players when in a standard game is food for thought, and I'll definitely be keeping that in mind as I personally go forward. Thank you!

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For most people, tits are just tits, friend.