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My sister worked in the deaf community for years. The community is split between this concept that being deaf is a disability or not.

Here's my opinion. Of fucking course being deaf is a disability, and it's a shame how the community treats others who want to hear. The ability to not listen and hear is an abnormal human condition.

It doesn't make you less a person, but treating others like shit for wanting to hear does make you a bad person.

Edit: trying to avoid a double negative

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Armpit beard?

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Came to read about naked people. Learned about dinosaurs.

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This needs to be answered. OP is not answering the questions that matter. Even the judge hearing the verdict claimed it was disgraceful.

Ultimately, George was running an unneeded neighborhood watch, carrying a gun he honestly shouldn't be using. You are neighborhood watch, you are not a cop. He discharged his gun in public. I believe George put himself into a situation of conflict. It's like taunting the biggest guy in bar, but calling foul because the other guy took the first swing.

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Is there anything you have cleaned up that need to be reported to law enforcement?