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Questions these fucking spooks won't answer, they think they can come out hiding, attain some shred of celebrity, and NOT answer for themselves?

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Many cultures guide people into death and into the afterlife, such as the Tibetan Book of the Dead which guides people dying towards the other side rather than holding onto guilt/wrath/attachment to loved ones. What sort of ways does your facility prepare elderly for death in order to make it a smooth painless and beautiful process?

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I know a low level psy-op when I see one. This midterm has a record number of political candidates with backgrounds in the intelligence community. They are trying to tighten up the squad. I assume this spook will be running for office in two years. You are never former CIA, you are CIA until you die or they throw you out a window.

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The pay nice but the bills are soaked with blood.

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BLEEP BLOOP! Propaganda bot has spotted blatant propaganda!

Why are you so full of shit? We don't need more military bases around the world, we are invading and make life worse for dozens of countries from the middle east to latin american. Have you read no books? You are just a mercenary by definition serving corporate master, do you believe you aren't a mercenary? I wish you were back to farming fruits, actually doing something for others instead of needing internet points to validate an otherwise shitty life choice which was obviously made for money. How much do you make? So people know you made this choice for blood money.