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Hi Brian! I had an idea a while back of bringing blank cards against humanity cards to signings as something original for people to sign (and something fun to do with the blank cards). Unfortunately there are very few interesting signings etc. in the Netherlands so I figured I'd ask people on AMAs as well. Danny was actually the first person the responded to my question so it'd be really cool to have a card from you in the deck as well. So if you could add any card to cards against humanity (black or white), what would it be?

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Good on you! I had a couple of friends that had brushes with cancer recently and they all say the same thing you do in a few of your posts; that the perspective they have post-cancer really makes everything more enjoyable, it really kind of shows others as well how silly and trivial a lot of the every day problems people face are. Congrats on the ass kicking and good luck with everything :)

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So... I have almost all of these sometimes... Do you have these things constantly? Or do they kind of pop up, like you generally don't notice them except every once in a while?