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You can choose hemo vs peritoneal dialysis in the US too. You just have to be considered a suitable candidate for peritoneal dialysis, because it's done at home. IE, do you have very poor vision, or do you have someone reliable to help you at home? If you're blind you're going to have a hard time doing peritoneal dialysis unless someone can hook you up every night. Can you keep your catheter clean and keep from getting infections? Are you reliable? Do you have a home/place to put the equipment? Can you read enough to follow the directions? Etc.


Edit - whoops, read that wrong. However you can still qualify for home hemodialysis in the US. You need a lot of training before they'll let you do it, about a month of training. And you have to have been doing dialysis for a while with no issues.


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Did they check you for any genetic disorders? For example MRKH syndrome? (Blind vaginal pouch plus kidney problems)

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No, he has a point. Too much screen time has been shown to hurt children's health. Nothing wrong with video games (disclosure: I play an mmorpg for 16h a week which is basically like a part time job in terms of hours spent), but precautions should be used as with everything.


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Sleeping 4h a night actually impairs memory consolidation https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2656292/ so you're actually screwing yourself over. Get your sleep. Find the best time to study for you, ie morning. Use the coffee. You have 3 weeks; that's plenty of time to cram. You'll be much worse if you don't sleep. I used Kaplan review and it worked well.

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Thanks for being brave enough to do this AMA! Sending good wishes your way :)