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PalladynSlonca11 karma

Hi there, I know this is a bit late but I just saw this and is really close to where I am trying to aim my career.

Do you need a PhD to work on the stuff you are working on? How far does a Bachelor, Masters, PhD get you in terms of design of satellites and space tech (like you mentioned space stations, telescopes, etc.) I never had the chance to really ask anyone this.

I really am interested in being a part of contributing to future inventions and technology that gives us the realistic possibility of survivability on Mars and beyond! Kind of like adhoc for Elon Musks goal.

No hurry for a response, but would be great to hear from you as I am Polish too (seeing your last name)!

PalladynSlonca11 karma

By outsourcing rocket science, I assume you mean the mechanical engineering for the rockets?

One more level question, how does the industry in general feel about PhD dropouts that still want a career in space? Are they stigmatized? Are they treated fairly in hiring? I understand it would raise some eyebrows. If you dont feel comfortable answering, feel free to DM me. Thanks again.