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I am end-of-life and cannot manage my pain. My state doesn't provide narcotics for anyone and it will cause me to have a shorter life. How does addiction compare to your illness?

Edit: rereading my question I have to say that it comes across as condescending and dismissive of the disease that is addiction. I know about addiction and have cared for several people fighting the disease. I'm just not as eloquent as I once was and I'm sorry for my lack of tact.

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Thank you for your reply! I understand now and am grateful for your ama

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I appreciate the suggestion but I'm choosing to not go to hospice, ever. I'm poor and prefer to pass on alone. I wouldn't be a good fit for hospice as I am painfully aware of the toll on hospice nurses and I'd probably try and downplay how I'm feeling. On the flip side, I can be an arsehole when the pain is too much, and just don't want to hurt anyone.

I didn't know that people could hospice for years, and hopefully another redd.itor will benefit from this!


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Toradal is my favorite! Unfortunately, there wasn't a way for prescribing the medication and is only administered in-office by a nurse or doctor. The pill form isn't an option as it felt like acid in my stomach. But I wish!

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I will try again as I asked several years ago. Hopefully the restrictions have been amended!