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Hey Dave, thank you for doing this AmA. I'm a freelancer myself and work in a wide variety of branches: Photography, Graphic Design, Artistic field, Video Editing, Web Design. I'm a generalist and I like that. Though I sometimes get the impression that people don't take you serious if you say you can do all of that. On most of my projects, I collaborate with experts in the field because I know where my limits of knowledge and skill are. I graduated three years ago and managed to live off freelancing already in the first year of graduating.

Would you suggest focusing on one field and become a specialist or stay a generalist? If I would, I'd prefer photography but the market is kinda down... Any thoughts are appreciated!

Pahanda8 karma

Thank you for your response! Yes, you are right! When you say producer, do you mean Project Manager? (sorry, non-native English speaker) Currently I'm overseeing a large web project where I do no coding at all, just do the planning, communication, contract etc with the client. It's fun as well :)

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Thank you! Since I'm fairly new out of uni, you just opened a very interesting route for my career lol. Will go have a deeper look at this. Thank you!