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No, that's not his point, I think he's saying, if you wanted to make a universe, you'd have to make a universe. You cannot just write code for one.

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Why didn't you accept the money and buy more bit coins?
100,000 is pretty steady, the coins aren't. You accepted a low but high-risk value, instead of the higher value low-risk option. I can't see how that ever makes sense.

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Op, I know you havent much choice but to live with your condition... you fuckin have to, simple. But you seem to have attitude and fortitude of a most admiralble strenght, and most certainly, a good moral character, I take my hat off, sir.

My question>; why do they need your feet to create a finger? And could you walk, ever? Or even can you walk today? Do you excersise?

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Best troll ever, the longest second of my life;

"what the...wha...but...son-of-a...

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This is what is so fishy. They have paid actors here, lots of equipment. That place is expensive to run. Who pays for it?