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Also gasoline is usually priced at a loss. People stop to fill up and run inside for just a minute and emerge with $200 worth of random stuff they didn't plan on buying.

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Do you find yourself and co-workers making more glib jokes and I guess gallows humor to help you cope with the nature of the job? I know many cops and EMTs often do this as a sort of mechanism to distract from the heaviness they can experience.

So to that point, got any good instances of this kind of humor?

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"Taco bell, I'm feeling depressed and my wife won't have sex with me, wat do?"

-apply hash brown

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I'm pretty sure the creators did not foresee players being able to obtain 4x of the "broken" rare cards, so there would be no opportunity to abuse the mechanics of the original set.

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c'mon man, over/under's get a hook so there's no push!

anyway, 4.5 seasons...take the over