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The craziest situation that has happened at work quite honestly just happened recently. While we were physically managing a residents behavior (the nice way of saying restraining him) after assaulting a staff member, a couple of kids from his area ran out of their rooms and started to attack staff, resulting in momentary chaos.

Yes, there are rewarding experiences to my job. They come few and far between, but they do exist. Such as seeing a long term resident finally leave and move on in a positive manner (step down program, home, placement, etc.) Sometimes it's just rewarding in itself to get to know some of the kids and learn about their pasts (both the good and the bad) and actually get to know them on a level where they not only respect you, but trust you. I think that is the most rewarding feeling.

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While we are not a state run facility, we are located on state property. Tobacco free on the grounds. Staff can't even smoke a cigarette at their car before coming in. In addition, he was providing a minor with an illegal substance, and would have had charges pressed against him had he been caught outside the facility as well (providing for a minor). Then there is the danger of other kids who could have a potential reaction to it and gotten sick from it had they gotten their hands on it. There was reasoning behind it.

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Not much honestly, we are pretty good about our initial searched. The weak point is usually family visits. Once a father managed to give his son a can of chewing tobacco and we didn't find it for a few days during a routine contraband search. The resident was reprimanded for the incident, and the father had charges pressed against him.

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The most memorable resident that I can remember came in intoxicated and had to be physically restrained twice within the first day. He was then suicidal for the next week. Once he managed to get himself in order and figured out, he was an interesting guy to learn about. He had varying views on the afterlife and the current plain of existence. He left the program not too long ago, and we haven't heard from him since, so I'm not sure how he is doing currently, but I wish him the best.

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I find it hard to believe the story about the child being put in general population with grown adults. We have had a few older residents (16 or 17) come from the local jail due to their crimes, and they were kept separate from the rest of the inmates due to their age. If that was the case however, I think that was poor judgement on someone's part and they should have been placed in a juvenile program or segregated in the jail system.

Worst crime: Accomplice to murder. Lightest crime: Possession of paraphernalia (marijuana) Youngest kid: 11 (theft)

Kids don't usually stay long on a detention unit, it's more of a holding place until they can go to court and the court decides to either send them home, placement or treatment.