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Oh god, I just searched up a photo of slag. Absolutely horrifying. My question is, would there have been any way to save the workers, even if say a medical team were there? In the article it states that it was a pool of the lava-like substance 6 inches deep and 40 feet wide, seems like it'd be almost impossible to somehow grab the workers out? Plus if it's lava like then it's also extremely viscous, would it make it even more difficult to pull the workers out?

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  1. Has your dog ever stolen food out of luggage and eaten it?
  2. Do you plan on getting any other dogs?

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I have a few questions. 1. What's HIPPA? Sounds like a hippy hippo. 2. How is the food there? (I'm a bit hungry) 3. Why did you decide this job, rather then a less violent one?

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Two questions. One is, how do you figure out where an eclipse will be and what year it will be so many years in advance? My second question is how did you get involved and with at NASA?