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PabloCZ5 karma

Hi, I have a comments about the new UI and would like to know what you think, agree, disagree, etc.:

1) You can see sharp corners when you hover over a contact in the main window. It disappears very quickly but it is extremely distracting

2) You cannot resize the text area into which you write a message in the IM window.

3) In the conference IM window, you need to hover over a video icon or audio icon and then make an additional click to initiate audio/video. Why is that? When the user only has one audio/video device you could spare him the extra click

4) The new client is very slow. Even my own messages take almost a second to show in the message window. Or when I click a toast I can see a message preview but then the IM window opens and one needs wait for the message to appear.

5) The new text bubbles in IM window seem to redraw really strangely. They sort of flicker and jump up and down when new messages are received.

PabloCZ1 karma

Hi, I was waiting for one thing to get fixed in the new UI; however, it's not. Please can yout let someone in the team know about this?:


A Skype user with a custom domain has a Microsoft account (e.g. [email protected]). The user is added as "user(contoso.com)@msn.com" to the Lync contact list. However, his contact info is not properly linked to the contact in Outlook even when he has the "user(contoso.com)@msn.com" set as IM address in Outlook contact list. When you display the user's contact card in Lync, it is empty (no phone number, home address, etc.)


This works fine for normal MSFT accounts (e.g. [email protected]). The contact in Lync is linked to a corresponding contact in Outlook and you can see his email address, phone number, home address, etc. in Lync.