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PVChapaev20 karma

Swedish news is apparently reporting the country is having som wide attack of ransomware the last couple of days, starting late last week. Standard phishing being the apparent attack vector.

Luckily not hit, but I've not been able to figure out exactly what Ransomware is currently active. SE-CERT is no help. :(

So are you aware what this might be and what ransomware I would need to look out for?

(also very lucky to see you doing an AMA at the same time)

PVChapaev11 karma

Unsure, its all over the 'normal' media




Unfortunately it seems to be only in Swedish media and I haven't seen any info on the normal technical sites.

PVChapaev3 karma


Could be, honestly I haven't seen any uptick of that in one of our environments but reports that 'several major companies' have issues makes me kinda concerned since one would think they have enough protection these days.

Like a colleague of mine said: "Falling for a ransomware seems like such a 2017 problem." :D

But I guess users never learn