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This is the only answer people in this thread need to read. Pitbulls aren't inherently dangerous dogs when they're well cared for. The problem is that they're body makes them really really good at fighting, so people associate them with violence. In my experience working in shelters, the smaller dogs are the bigger assholes, they just can't hurt you, so nobody acknowledges it. You're answer hits the nail on the head.


So do Golden Retrievers. None of those dogs are as athletic. Comparing a Pitbull mix to a Golden Retriever is like comparing an NFL Linebacker to a highschool player. The 'Pit Bull' mixes that you're referencing are faster, stronger, and have better features for fighting. That's sadly why people use them to do it.

Additionally, Rotts, German Shepherds, and some Mastiffs are also all purebreeds. Pitbulls are a 'category' of dog now, like 'shepherds' or 'Retrievers'. There are dozens of breeds that can fall under that umbrella. A pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier is not the dog you see tied to tires in some ghetto front yard. Those are neglected mixes from a relatively similar genus, that get tossed into the same category as soon as they do what they're sadly often trained to do, and bite somebody

Im agreeing with you by the way, incase it didn't seem like it haha


How's it feel to be smarter than me?