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PMmeALLtheFUNNYstuff286 karma

Tiny house construction is super cool, such clever use of space.

But I always feel bad when the families on those shows have teenagers, when people start needing privacy to develop their own identities... and sulk and beat off and whatnot.

Could you imagine living in such close quarters like that when you were a teen, or with your kids when they get to teen age?

PMmeALLtheFUNNYstuff129 karma

privacy is important

Totally. I didn’t appreciate how much I need complete privacy sometimes, until I lived on a sailboat for a while. I didn’t even have anyone on the boat with me, but docks are equivalent to living in a trailer park except sounds carries much better, even more cramped for space, everything is constantly somewhat damp and you have to use a communal shower. Cute for a minute, got old pretty quick for me. Boat people are a special breed.

PMmeALLtheFUNNYstuff6 karma

Such a simple solution. Guess I never thought of it because the shows I’ve seen they just make a little loft space for them, call it a day.