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PM_me_yer_SQUANCH91 karma

Some people say that fundamentalist Islam is a big problem, when it seems like, at its core, its the fundamentals of Islam are really the problem.

How do you go about changing an entire religion's views on women's rights/homsexual rights/ non-believers rights?

PM_me_yer_SQUANCH44 karma

So then, we just dont address the problems inherent in the inner weavings of our holiest book?

It doesn't take much research to learn about women's rights or homosexual rights in Muslim countries, even ones considered moderate treat women as second class citizens.

You can blame foreign policy or deem the questioner ignorant all day, but dancing around the real issues is fairly transparent.

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Did you mean for your reply to go to someone else? I fail to see how what you have written applies even remotely to any of the points that have been made.

Which "one or the other narrative" are you referring to? My point here is that at its core, fundamentally, Islam is a bad system of belief. Personally I dont follow any religion, but enjoy healthy debate.