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I have a decade-plus of professional experience in NewSpace includes roles at Arch Mission Foundation, where he notably worked to initiate the first Solar Library

Authorship as a form of Entrepreneurship has caused this pronoun disagreement.

That's because /u/socalguitar copied and pasted his own CV copy, possibly out of LinkedIn, I can't be bothered to look.

I bet Mr. Jacobson is, in fact, an 'Expert', as he has exposure to the industry. That's why you would start at the ground floor of a fledgling industry, so that you can define what Expertise is.

I find this inspiring. I'm going to choose an industry to become an Expert in, author a series of books about it, lobby VC for a Foundation or Society, and make myself the prime authority on something.

I'll be watching you closely, Mr. Jacobson, as you no doubt hope to be watched.

Mr. Jacobson, do you have any hard Technical training, such as a core Engineering degree or education? Why are you mentioning social issues in relation to the Space Industry? This sure seems like SEO Keyword loading. Do you worry that that might be perceived as insincere or dishonest?

In short, I'd like to sit down with you and pick your brain. Would you be willing to have a private, candid discussion with me about your Entrepreneur expertise?


Hey, if it's a good book, I might check it out. I'm not specifically against what he's doing, Industries need communicators to inform the public. But, as long as we all know what he is doing.


It means nothing compared to the populations of Latin America, East and South Asia, and Africa.

Having fewer children eating lentils, burning less coal, these things have literally no meaning compared to the population explosion and advancement in the areas I listed above.

Literally every other climate change effort by Western nations is a complete waste of time because of the populations of the developing world.

There is no way around this, the mathematics are absolute.

Dr. Brindley can write and promote as many books as she wants, but it all means nothing.

You want to impact climate change, reduce the populations of the areas I listed above. There is no other way, nothing you do will ever make a difference.


I read this as Because it gives you so much power to change the political landscape. All census data will be impugned no matter what, and the more we worry about it, the more funding goes toward it.