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Hello Mr. President, I am the founder on the newsiest nation named "PM_ME_KIM_JONG-UN's Studio Apartment." I would like to extend the olive branch out to you and recognize you as a nation. I am also in need of advice. As a sovereign nation I am entitled to form my own legal system and tax code without the interference of other nations, but my "landlord" is saying I must pay them $445 or they will kick me off my sovereign land. How do I prevent this from happening?

PM_ME_KIM_JONG-UN225 karma

Do you support a Carbon tax? Why or why not?


Thank you for the advice! Sadly, the "President" of Liberland felt the need to ignore a question from his closest national ally, the great nation of PM_ME_KIM_JONG-UN's Studio Apartment. If he continuous to ignore our partnership I will be forced to take action against!


What are your honest projections for the Colorado Rockies this year?

Considering the circumstances and the possible changes to the NHL playoff format, are you willing to declare the Avalanche the true 2019-2020 Stanley Cup champions?


Hello, thank you for doing this AMA. As governor of Colorado how will you push back against protectionist/isolationist rhetoric that is popping up in the United States?

In addition, do you feel that free trade will benefit Colorado?