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Yes, the justice department is the U.S. federal government's division of lawyers. Some prosecute cases, some defend the government's laws in court...that sort of thing.

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"I took some time off to look after someone in my family with a medical issue, which thankfully has resolved."

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Isn't it closer to "life-saving emergency intevention" than "treatment"? In other words, I believe that hospitals have an obligation under the law to help you in an acute situation, but not to provide much needed ongoing treatment for a disease or chronic condition, but I am open to being corrected on the law.

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Best I can do is $10.

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It just occurred to me how amazing it is the amount of data we have in sports compared to MUCH more important performance statistics like medicine and law. I would love to be able to run sabermetrics when choosing an attorney instead of my 7th round pick in my fantasy baseball league.