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Look I'm white. If we make laws that are specifically designed to protect black men from police brutality, there's no way those laws won't also protect white men, black women, green martians, and probably Bigfoot from police brutality.

Most likely the laws being drafted are around "make police accountable for their actions" not "hand out 5 get-out-of-being-murdered-free cards specifically to black men each month".


My sister is literally a nurse in Phoenix and still isn't taking this seriously. How widespread is the knowledge of what you're seeing? Feel like nurses would talk to each other. She's not with covid patients and her boyfriend is a diehard trumper so pretty willfully ignorant.

I'm just wondering how long before this will be undeniable to all nurses in Phoenix, whether they work with covid or not.


Conservatives are all about maintaining status quo. They respect strong centralized leadership. They primarily believe the bible on faith, and not because they have scrutinized it carefully and deemed it worthy.

Liberals are all about optimizing. What is isn't half as important as what could be. They respect original thought, critical thinking and tend to be wary of faith based systems.

One of these groups values critical thinking. One values upholding an uncontestable code of behavior.

Guess which group believes things without doing due diligence?


They have their strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes you need a joke or a lighthearted analogy to get people to explore a new idea.

Other times you need to storm the gates of insanity with the Demonic Hosts of the Prince of Darkness.


I've talked to hundreds of conservatives. I was an extreme conservative for 26 years. Critical thinking led me to abandon that point of view.