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My father passed away from CJD in '06. Neurologists at U-Mass told me "unlikely" that it could have been passed on to me. As I understand it's not genetic, I'm still irrationally fearful that I could have passed it along to my children. As it is I am NOT allowed to donate blood, understandably. I could handle dying from it myself but the thought of it being passed to them is unbearable. No idea where he contracted it from or how he could have been exposed. Never been out of the country, not a hunter etc.. Anyway, should I be concerned? I wish I had a better, more thought out question to ask but that's it.

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Hey thanks for the reply! No. All they seemed to be interested in were spinal taps. They kept us in the dark right up into the last few weeks and I haven't much info. Would something like this come up in a DNA test? I was under the impression that is isn't genetic?

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Uh.... It appears that she's sponsored by Futaba, which is awesome.

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Thank you for this AMA! If I may ask, What's your favorite plank? I saw that you mentioned Cardens which are very beautiful models. Thank you for your support in the hobby and good luck to you looking forward!