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Hi! Just wondering what the plans are for the beginning zones? Currently, there is a consensus that they do not engage the player and feel very on-rails. Is there anything in the works to help make them more exciting, open, or tutorial-like?


Will you be adding "Mute in Background" to the Sounds option page?


Thanks for the reply!

I have been watching the stream and heard about large/difficult mobs being worth more XP and therefore more % of the quest bar. Would it be possible to add more of these hard mobs to the beginning quest areas and/or increase their spawn rate? I think that change may help experienced players both get through the content quickly and look for challenge.


This. I LOVED SW:TOR until I hit the end game. I tried playing through again with other classes, but since the story was the main draw and 80%+ of the story was the same from class to class, it got boring quick.

I subbed for two months in order to raid with the guild, but it just never took off. Elder game is one of the most important aspects of any live MMO.


Are there any plans to better explain the AMP and skillset system within the game/UI?