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And stand straight. With your hands at your sides (not in your pockets).

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He's a guy. He probably shouldn't wear a dress.

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And I'd sure as hell shut up so that the pilot didn't have anything distracting him while he handled the emergency. (Or, her/she)

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Denny Crane ... for me, it's Shatner's best role.

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First, buy yourself a bottle of good champage to celebrate the fact that you dodged a bullet with this loser.

Second, you have to realize that in every neighbourhood there are good neighbours and there are bad.

In every neighbourhood, people come and people go. And you never know if the new people will be good neighbours or bad ... you just have to go with the flow and find out in every case. This is just one of those cases where you know beforehand!

If you are even the least bit worried, then you might want to explore what's necessary to get a Restraining Order. (Be a boy scout: be prepared.)

And, you never know, his wife and kids may be much nicer than he is.