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My favourite line was "It's pretty cool, but the Graphics Suck", it's great exposure for VR all be it tongue in cheek

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VR needs cash to make it happen, i was happy to see them receive money, I also think having a big brother/sister will be good in many way's, we are lucky enough to have visited Oculus at Facebook they have employed great people. After trying a few 'virtual chat rooms' I am convinced it's the next Skype/IM/DM but it's not quite ready yet, I hope we see many bigger company's committing to VR to help make great content because Facebook are backing it.

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I am convinced gaming in VR is WAY better than 2D, I have had the headset for many months now and am a gamer, I can't play Elite Dangerous in 2D, it's miles away from being in the cockpit in full 3D, same for racing car games, other games are a bit hit and miss, First Person Shooters (twitch based stuff) are too fast for VR, it's like running at 70mph, but they will evolve, with Console VR on the way, I imaging most games will have first person (GTA V as an example with it's new 1st person mode), Short answer is VR blows 2D out of the water for me, there is no going back

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Most people play and will play sat down in a chair, I personally thing waving Wii U remotes around is a pain and too much physical energy will be a put off, but others feel different (fitter people?), almost all games and demo's I've played work great, and the headset is already light enough and will get lighter, it's no worse than a good headset, games are likely to be anything and everything, so I imaging running, extreme sports, bicycling etc are all going to be great fun (I have played and seen these), VR will be a great way to hike a mountain and bike a route without being their, I imagine fitness machines will evolve to have data sent to personal VR headsets

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Poor, too many issues to list, most have been addressed with faster GPU/CPU's very low latency and Mobile technology driving costs and technology smaller