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My British buddy worked for the Foreign Office, and he had some stories to do with paying compensation. Or bribes. Always in yanky dollars. Nobody wanted anything else.

He was in [somewhere] and went the wrong way down a one-way street, and a police officer (or "police officer") stopped him. The officer said "You have med a mistek" and my buddy got his papers out. The officer said "No" so he got out his yanky dollars. That did the trick.

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I cut my own hair with scissors (mohican, mullet, short-all-over) and have been doing so for fifteen years (36 now). I'd totally have a Toyota Yaris if i didn't play Magic: The Gathering.

I guess what i'm saying is it depends how your other expenditures are factored in. :P

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steady stable income no matter the economy

That's utterly key. I worked a job which was recession-proof. I got two pay rises through England's worst recession a few years back.

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A great way of disarming someone is to be entirely candid and honest about oneself.

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I always try not to let [them] touch my body but sometimes they’re heavy or awkward or I’m just tired and [they] can touch my body.

Married readers will relate to this.