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Are u polish?

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Witam z Warszawy!

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hello, I grew up very catholic and went to church every Sunday. It never did much for me. Around 16 I stopped going but remained worried about the whole eternal damnation thing. It wasn’t until college that I was able to reason that god and the devil are the construct of human fears/boredom/etc. I can and do appreciate religion as culturally profound but I cannot understand how people can simply take something on faith. I guess my question is how do you justify the metaphysical aspects of Catholicism to someone who strongly believes in the scientific method?

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I have lived all over the east coast of Florida and have watched many panhandlers (what we call beggars) feed off of people's good nature. Many of which I have watched do so for years on end. It is especially bad in Sarasota, St. Pete, and Tampa. While I do believe in helping the less fortunate, many of these people are homeless because its so easy down here and you can actually make a living without having a job. I recall in the news a few years back, a group of panhandlers made a business out of it and actually had a house/shifts/etc. So on that note I sympathize with the city. People from out of state might not realize how bad of a problem it is down here. The state and local government bodies have to crack down on this kind of stuff because its so rampant. To the point where you cannot even go to the library (which is a few blocks from the salvation army) without seeing 20+ hobos hanging around. Anyways that's just my .02 Why do you choose to distribute through FNB if there are plenty other organizations that do this legally?

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This sounds like it could be a very good movie. How whimsical! Jelly boy the clown and the squidling brothers lol!