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What was it like flying in a U-2? What 's your favorite piece of military hardware you've ridden in?

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Hello Ms. Bamford! Big fan!

How do you feel comedy has changed sincenyou started your stand up career?

Also, I listened to your episode of The Mental Illness Happy hour and thought that was very sweet and brave of you.

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Hi Emily and Gabra! Thanks for doing this!

This is a question for Emily. I loved your performance as Panam in cyberpunk! When you get a VO job, how much of the character is you vs what's on the scripted page? Do you have a lot of input on how they turn out?

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Hello Mr.Scalzi! The timing on this Ama is fortuitous because I literally just finished old mans war. I loved it.

What was the thought process behind having protagonists with more advanced ages? It was such an interesting choice to me, especially in our youth obsessed culture.

Also, did you ever fan cast the book? Care to share your choices?