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Overtly_Covert_16 karma

I completed my first year of training last October then shortly after broke my right humerus in a spur of the moment arm wrestling match. I live a very tame life and I typically don't take part in any extreme sports or activities. Bodybuilding is therapeutic for me and helps me manage my depression and has helped me develop a sense of competence. I love what it has done for me. I was devastated, and the realization that I was not going to be able to train the same way set in immediately. I've let myself go to say the least since, but I want to bounce back. I still am recovering. Your story is inspiring considering you came back from such a severe injury and I have been wondering what has helped others overcome similar setbacks. I'm an introvert and am not part of any community really.

What do you think contributed to your ability to get through your various challenges and begin your bodybuilding journey again?

Overtly_Covert_13 karma

Thank you. It was right after I moved out of state for a job. While I have way less ties out here the support I have received from my girlfriend has been indispensable.