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I would do anything to be in that room when they mention that they needed a relatively small device the vibrate at a specific frequency, then an employee sheepishly raised his hand saying "I...um, I mean, I've heard of something that, well might fit those parameters. Or so I've heard......from a friend."

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inner penis (it’s the bulb on the inside)

Back up. Can you explain this better?

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If you're referring to biological sex, people with XYY will be born with male genitalia and appear to have phenotypical male characteristics.

People born with XXY, called Klinefelter syndrome, also have male genitalia, but the testicles are underdeveloped and can be infertile.

People born with YY are called...well dead. There isn't enough genetic information on the Y chromosome alone to support a human.

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That checklist is a great way for a GM to know which topics the players are interested in, and which ones are off the table. There's nothing worse than preparing a situation that leaves the players too uncomfortable to have fun in.

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I've joked with my players that D&D is basically "Therapy with math", but this thread has really opened my eyes to how much good it can do with people.