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Outspoken_Douche4 karma

What studies do you have that back that statement up? The longest and most comprehensive study ever conducted on this topic found that sex reassignment had no positive effects on transgendered people.

Here is another study that found hormone therapy only marginally affects anxiety and depression in certain studies, while cross sectional studies do not support any positive affect whatsoever.

Outspoken_Douche-13 karma

Transgender people have a startlingly high suicide rate; nearly 40%. No other group of people in recorded history has ever had those levels of suicide, not even Jewish people who were living in concentration camps. Current treatment for gender dysphoria, such as sex change operations, has shown to have very little if any impact on these suicide rates. To me, that screams that whatever we are doing right now for transgender people is not working.

Do you think the current treatment methods of gender dysphoria are satisfactory, and if so, how do explain the lack of decline in suicide rates?