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I'm Syrian, and I felt OP's answer was weak, so here's mine.

The first thing I would do is end corruption and rampant bribery in the government, I would end the ruthless incarceration and torture of CIVILIANS who say anything remotely negative about the president, and I would allow freedom of speech. This is just as a start.

I would also set up a democratic system rather than the current monarchy in disguise.

Then I would lay out an economic and educational plan to lead the region in productivity, knowledge, and bring value to the world. Syria has plenty of really smart people, so we would be able to bring huge changes to the region, and we would be able to become a first world country.

Fun fact: Steve Jobs was a Syrian American. His parents were Syrian, and there's plenty where that came from!

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Your response is great, and addresses the current urgent needs, which shows your human empathy.

I just thought I would give a big-picture idea for what needs to be done.

I love most of your responses on this AMA. Thank you so much for doing this!

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Assad has nothing to do with it. Muslims and Christians have a long history together in Syria.

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What is this, Goosebumps? 😂

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Mishwiyeh (grilled) is my fave!