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What have you done to transform Greenpeace itself?

When I worked for Greenpeace International (see my username) it was a place full of despotism where the official stance was that Greenpeacers were by default not suited for management positions. I have seen department heads driving to work in their huge Volvo estates, publicly declaring that they only work for Greenpeace because it looks good on their CV and literally sabotaging any initiative towards accountability.

People who cared about results instead of procedures were fired, sometimes on the spot and often with many years of dedication and experience. Basically the place was ran by corporate rejects who smooth talked their way into a comfy position where they could do what they wanted without anybody asking any questions. Even when everybody protested the outsourcing of email to Google it was simply pushed through.

I also never seen so many people cry at their jobs...

So what have you done in that respect? Has Greenpeace embraced democracy or is it still 'Management by Terror'?

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The One Who Can`t Be Mentioned...

Paul was one of the first members of GP but he did not believe in non-violence. I think he took the club out the hands of a seal hunter which was considered not-done.

At one point he started his own group and get real upset that Greenpeace was not doing enough. Instead of trying to save whales he spent a lot of time arguing with GP.

Things got quite silly (on both sides): http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/about/our-core-values/letter-to-paul-watson/

Then at one point he got his shit together and is currently quite effective at harrasing the whalers. He's also good at getting on TV.

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I think you will find that there are other ex-GP employees that are a lot more negative about the organisation than I am. A lot more, as a matter of fact.

My question was genuine and if you would read it a bit more carefully it was also a good opportunity to show that the organisation has indeed changed.

The fact that Mr. Naidoo has chosen to follow the line of his predecessor, Deny, Deny, Deny, answers my question.

And no, I am not an anti-enviormental activist. I think, judging by the reactions, Mr. Naidoo has quite effectively destroyed his own AMA. And you may believe what you like but I think that's a shame.

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It's not my language, I am just trying to use it :)

I have heard that the dying of baby seals made it easier for polar bears to find them. It kind of messed up their camouflage.

I still don't know if it is true but I think that happened, if it happened, a long time ago, possibly around the time when Brigitte Bardot was still involved with the anti seal hunting movement.

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Very much an urban legend (and one I had never heard before).

As pierluc pointed out the organisation started with a protest agains a nuclear test (back then called the 'Don't Make a Wave Committee') and one of the ships had the words GREEN PEACE painted on it. That particular action is actually very interesting to read up on.