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Of course all of Germany (and Europe in general) was influenced of what happened in Germany, Italy, Spain etc. (fascism), but making a disctinction between people who was forced into the regular army and thoose who applied to join the SS is totally fine by me.

One could argue that most SS soldiers might not have become ruthless murderers without the circumstances that also made the third reich happen, but still... volunteeringly going to war on other people (also countries, but primarily people) is not just following orders. And as far as I know, the nazis being brought to trial recently has mostly been of the SS (or similair).

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Pol Pot? Why? I though we agreed to just not go in that fucking house?!

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Moores law.

How long do you think it will last (and/or be relevant)?

What will be the biggest benefit of more available computing power in the next ~10 years or so? And where will it be utilized (home/data centers/cloud/science/skynet)?