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Seems kinda crazy to me that there’s FAs still working that same job 20 years later. But this is coming from someone who’s barely held the same job for more than three years in that two decades.

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Hi Domhnall. How come your da is so fucking good? Not saying you’re not, but honestly I think Brendan should be considered among the greatest actors of his generation. He must have been an incredible inspiration. What would you say is the biggest lesson he taught you?

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I’m pretty sure Leisure Suit Larry was played exclusively by 12-year olds on their dad’s DOS PCs. We used to have to post a lookout at the door of the study in case my friend’s mum came to check we weren’t playing Leisure Suit Larry.

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He wished he was in Austin, same as everyone else. ;)

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Medical Insurance in the US is a racket, in every sense of the word (except maybe like, tennis- or badminton).