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Wow. Ok, here are a few questions.

  1. Mods, can you please provide proof approval?
  2. Any idea what was going through her mind to start this crazy obsession? Did you notice she was "off" in class?
  3. What kinds of things was she sending you? Was it romantic or was she just obsessed in general?
  4. What did the police say? I'm guessing they were less than helpful by the way you phrased your post.

Thanks for sharing. Stay safe! =)

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Is the 30 Rock set as fun as I think it is?

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What are they really doing to these animals? I love animals, but I understand that sometimes we need to use them for stuff (like food, or medical research).

Cosmetics testing seems like a frivolous use of animals, but what's really going on? I have this mental image of bunnies all made up to look like whores.

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Maybe you don't need them for food... Carnism? C'mon. Next you'll tell me carrots have feelings too.

Edit: I have no problems with people who choose to be vegetarian, just don't judge me for not choosing the same thing.

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I hear people in the Deaf community are against implants/hearing devices because they don't think that being deaf is a disability. What's your stance on that?

I mean, how is it not a disability? Typical humans have that ability, deaf people don't. Right? I'm not trying to be offensive, just logical.