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Do you have any students who started in their 60's? Seems like it would hard to learn Aikido now, because of the strain on aching joints from all the holds.

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This. Blame the victim. "If you maintain a positive outlook you will not get cancer or get over it if you do." This is the BS propagated by Andrew Weil. There's no evidence for it, and it's devastating to people who have cancer and are receiving the message that they are sick because they can't cure themselves.

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So, if I am a raging progressive, but work for a large bank, my private contribution will come in under Finance, right?

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So, will you stay? Have you thought about leaving?

My grandfathers were both Orthodox (from Poland) and left orthodoxy when they came to the US. When I see small boys with the side curls and fringe hanging from their pants, I always think "there but for fortune go I".

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