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I had to look up March of the Living, it wasn't something I was familiar with.

The Cliff Notes description is that every year, for two weeks following Passover, there is a Holocaust remembrance event in Poland. It's made up of educational classes, visits and speaking engagements by Holocaust survivors, and culminates in a march from Auschwitz to Birkenau on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Sir, the fact that you would willingly go back to those places of horror and death, even as a symbol of life and determination, speaks greatly to your strength of character. The other things you have said in response to questions only affirms that in my mind. You truly are a great man, tempered by a horrific experience.

And as the world has become much smaller due to the internet, I take a bit of pleasure in knowing that maybe, possibly, you met my Grandfather. He was with the 226th Signal Operations Company attached to the 7th Army. When the 42nd and 45th Infantry divisions liberated Dachau, Grampa was on their heels as an interpreter (Grampa spoke Norwegian). He rarely spoke of what he saw there, and never to me directly. But to Gramma and my Mom, he spoke of truly horrific conditions, of people emaciated beyond what he thought a human could endure, of bodies left in ditches like litter. He apparently always wept quite hard when he talked about this.

But I think Grampa would be very pleased to know that one of the people he helped get out of that living hell went on to have a long, full life. He was a kind, warm person who loved to talk to anyone and genuinely wanted the best for everyone. Sadly, he passed away 20 years ago from a stroke, because I think he would very much have wanted to meet you and shake your hand.

And probably buy you a beer as well, Grampa was like that.

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It would kill reddit. Every single AMA from then on would be brigaded harder than Unidan. Celebs wouldn't come here due to the caustic nature of the interaction. Public statements against reddit would come out. Advertisers would pull out.

It would be bad.