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It's decent. What you want to know? Bad weather, bad food, expensive, high taxes. Good public services, safe, lots of nature, nice work-life balance.

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Definitely! We have many visitors who don't speak Finnish. You will find programming for the whole weekend:https://2016.ropecon.fi/en/program/. Also it is very cheap to attend compared to many international cons, for 35 euros you get a weekend ticket including floor accommodation.

This year we have an international coordinator for the first time whose only task has been to make Ropecon better for international visitors. She will answer any questions you have at [email protected].

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Fortunately for us, Messukeskus has the Kokoustamo conference part with around 30 rooms, many of which are cozy (http://messukeskus.visualizer360.com/eng/tilat?p=21986&h=358.66&v=3.88&f=84#20250,21986,0,0).

We also have the smallest hall (only 6500 square meters), which alone has more space than we had previously combined. At least there shouldn't be any heat or air-conditioning problems (=

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Quite a few of those who hear the name ask that same first question. However I don't recall there having been anyone let down by coming to a wrong type of convention.

The name issue comes up so often that it's usually explained in our English section of the programme leaflet: Rope comes from how rpg is twisted to fit spoken Finnish.