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Hey Nick! Loving the new album and it's sound. Do you have a favorite song from it?

How did you manage to pick up singing so easily?
Did Nikolai ever fix the zoom?
Have you heard Tyranny? What are your opinions on it? Any favorites?

You rock dude!

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Awesome! Thanks for answering

one day I will meet the zoom in heaven

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Hi Kristin! Thanks for doing an AMA! Three questions:
Are you familiar with the "CyberPatriot" competition created by AFA?

Do you prefer using GUI's or using a CLI when securing a computer?

What is your preferred Anti-Virus/Scanner?

Thanks again!

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Hey Albert, I'm a bit late but I just want you to know I'm really loving Francis Trouble. Definitely some of your best work to date. I'm happy you've been experimenting with your sound and finding out what works with you.

As for my questions: How long has Francis Trouble been in the works and which of the songs is your personal favorite?

Thanks again, can't wait to see you in DC and I'm stoked to pick up your RDS record.

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Have you role-played the inside job of Hillary's assassination?