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He's pro red flag laws which should tell you everything you need to know about his opinion on rights.

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Yeah, it's a shame people don't realize this applies to like 99% of legislation. Like for a while that image (genuine propaganda) floated around about how awful Mitch "The Reaper" was for killing a number of pieces of legislation. Every single one cited had an absurdly dishonest name like "save the children" or "solve all American problems now" regardless of actual content.

I don't even like or agree with Mitch McConnell, but it's just gross.

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Right, that's definitely what he said. yeah, go ahead and set all jobs to equal pay, that surely won't cause everyone to bail out of difficult jobs.

But yeah, people concerned about economic realities are only focused on Me Me Me. Redditors are so goddamn stupid it hurts.

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Dude, I know you're getting this advice throughout the thread, but you gotta just ignore these shitheels. I truly understand the desire to clap back at morons, but you have to understand that a large large percent of reddit, and especially this sub, is miserable lifelong retail employees who are bitter and envious, Karens, and literal children. There's really nothing to be gained from trying to get them to understand anything outside their own narcissism.

Anyway, great job on living the dream. Hope your success only grows!

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In the grand scheme of things, no, not even remotely (except building a house, but the people involved with actual skills make good money...), and if you think they are you haven't done very many difficult things in your life.

Jobs requiring years of training and skill growth, are in fact more difficult than things that nearly every able bodied person can do. Practically by definition.

You can make an argument that many things are overpaid for the difficulty and all sorts of other nuanced arguments, but you're not. Instead you're making an impressively stupid argument that all jobs are equally difficult.

Spoiler: they're not. Cashiers are paid dogshit wages because literally anyone can do it.