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Great questions:

1) Honestly just sitting in my car staking out at the claimant's home waiting for them to go out. Typically during this time I will do some research on them or other cases that I have.

2) Yes! I once had a case where the client wanted video footage of the claimant walking around the block. Their claim was that they could not go to work because they were bedridden, so the client wanted to get footage of the claimant out and about.

So I get on my sit and after some research I find out the claimant is quite old. I also find out that he is dying of terminal cancer and is bedridden due to this. I see him walking around the block in a robe with a walker, arm interlocked with a little old lady I can only assume is his wife.

Needless to say, I didn't 'see' anything that day.

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How is the economy holding up? I know it’s too short term for nation impact ideas, but locally, how are people holding up? Any word on stores closing or anything?

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Are there people breaking the rules? Going out when they shouldn’t or trying to take advantage of the bizarre situation?

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Wait, people in WuHan can’t even drive?? That’s insane! What about emergencies? Is everyone within walking distance of a grocery store?


I’ve lived in China and there are plenty of places that are 2km+ away from a grocery store. I’m asking about that.

China doesn’t have anything that is handicap friendly either. I’m asking about how the elders are supposed to get groceries if they don’t have family nearby to help. Most 60+ year olds aren’t about to walk over a kilometer to buy groceries.

People in China either survive because they have a car or they have access to a bus.

Right now in WuHan there are no cars or busses.

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Address, family's address, phone numbers, cell phone numbers, places of work and here's the big ticker: Social Security Numbers.

Yes, for a small fee of 3.99 a month (not linking because fuck that site) you can view everyone and anyone's SSN.

Honestly, pretty much everything is available.