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Made me laugh!

Most absurd is that gargling with bleach prevents this...you'd be better off drinking alcohol!

Joking aside, seriously, do not drink bleach.

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Very true....or many of the tests still are not rapidly giving responses. There is a chance that patient could have contracted the virus between the timing of submitting and sample and receiving their result. Someone who tests negatively might contract the infection the next day

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Although there is a complex answer to this question, the simple answer is that viruses mutate and can re-infect patients. But this is a hard process to predict.

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Do you/anyone know of a process for doing so? I'd like to know, I would feel good about volunteering.

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Short answer: The projection from the cdc is months.

Longer answer: Those who haven't had it aren't immune to it. And, the scary thing is that virologists don't even know the answer to this question.