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Gilbert, you famously read a portion of “Fifty Shades of Grey” in your character’s voice and it was insanely funny. Would you be willing to record a paragraph of it in your actual voice for us?

And don’t tell me you don’t have a different speaking voice in your private life, because I’ve heard your Bababooey voicemail where you use it!

Thanks GG.

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Everyone loves how you scream vagina. Except women.

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You guys filmed for awhile in Cranford, NJ where I grew up. One day me and my idiot friends harassed you guys when you were filming at the local pizzaria, Pizza House. We kept asking the Pete's to sign our 'Pete-sa boxes'.

We were absolute morons and I'm sorry.

You were nice and signed our pizza box, but little Pete told us to fuck off and gave us the finger. We deserved it.

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sort of shocked the user name mick foley wasn't taken.


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ha, porns.