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I can’t imagine going to a surgeon and ordering up a procedure like a pizza. That is not how doctors work. They would have to look at the files and see what they would recommend to solve the situation.

Also I have never had a surgery (and I have had a few including a septoplasty) where the paperwork didn’t give the surgeon the authority to address other issues they come across while they are in their cutting.

This sounds like bullshit from top to bottom.

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Had sinus surgery back in 1995. This was definitely spelled out to me verbally and in the paperwork. Can’t speak to your case or OPs, but Knowing how risk adverse doctors are I can’t imagine they stopped warning people.

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Have had this happen every once and a while throughout my life. First time I was probably twelve and it scared the crap out of me. Figured out what it was and then made a game out of it. I see how quickly I can make something move. If you have watched kill bill where she upon waking from a coma tried to move her toes, it is basically that. I normally do a finger instead, but just try to get one joint on one finger moving. Once you get one it breaks the paralysis pretty quickly. And after I break the paralysis I can usually go right back to sleep and get great sleep the rest of the night.

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Do you want water world? Cause that is how you get water world.

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Will add one trick to the pros answer. Try carbonated water. Coke syrup is designed to dissolve in carbonated water and it does a great job cleaning up old soda spills because of that.

Learned that working at McDonald’s many years ago.