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Do you know if anyone is investigating the damages caused to those in the disabled community, either financially, emotionally, or otherwise from being stranded for days in the freezing cold without our life support systems at home that require power? How many died because they simply ran out of oxygen? Do you know what those numbers are compared to carbon monoxide poisonings?

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respectfully. I come off strong but those days were terrifying and traumatic for me. Sorry if my questions came off overly confrontational.

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not a loved one but I almost died for lack of oxygen support and risking our lives to drive on the ice and then having to expose myself to people sick with COVID at the ER when I already have lung/heart/kidney issues just to find oxygen. When we were at home trying to figure out what to do Abbott put out a statement over the radio for people to dial 311 if they were in a medical situation like us and needed help. We were on hold for twenty minutes and then disconnected, then went to the hospital. The hospital lent me one tank of oxygen but that was only good for four hours. We had to go from place to place in horrible driving conditions looking for a safe place for me to go to plug in my oxygen concentrator, which was very difficult for someone extremely high risk already in a pandemic and a winter storm. Apoplectic doesn't begin to cover it. Thank you for your understanding.

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this is a serious topic... but that made me laugh lol

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it was bad enough worrying about my own mortality. I would go nuts, too, if it was my child suffering as a result. Good Lord. <3